Hattendo Cafe's cream muffin!!

Available at Hattendo Cafe untill 13th Aug, Sunday, only!

- cream muffin is designed and developed specially for Singapore-

Crispy biscuit exterior – The outer layer is made of crispy biscuit mixed with crunchy almonds, pearl sugar and chocolate chips. The mixture adds the nutty fragrance and the unique texture to the crispy biscuit, creating an unforgettable first bite. The biscuit crust holds all the goodness inside, so that it is easy to be consumed on the go!


Melting soft dough – The muffin is made of the fluffiest, pillowy soft dough that melt in your mouth. The light and airy dough was achieved after many trial and error attempts to achieve the perfect texture.

The core of the muffin = the perfect cream – "Singapore muffin (Kaya custard cream)" features double cream filling of kaya jam and custard cream, which was specially developed to complement the fragrant kaya jam. There are also chocolate flavored custard cream and matcha flavour custard cream available. For the Matcha muffin, Yame Matcha, a very fragrant and fine quality matcha from Fukuoka Japan, is used.

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