Fujisoba Ni-hachi Promotion Dec 2017!

Fujisoba Ni-hachi Promotion Dec 2017!


【NEW! Special selection Donburi set】


Now they've got many varieties of Donburi, Must try!

Unagi Don, Salmon avocado Don, Butabara(Pork belly) tendon, Kashiwa(Chicken breast)tendon, Yakiniku Don, and Tororo(Japanese yam) Don!!

Price: Each $18++ Only

*All sets include: Hot Soba / Cold Soba, Japanese pickles, Crispy Sakura ebi, & Fresh cut fruits!



They also have some other NEW Menu as well,

from Appetizer such as Soba sashimi and Duck chashu, Ni-Hachi SOBA salad, Buckwheat mashed tempura, unitl Main dish, Snow Fuji Mount Hot pot “Seafood & Chicken collagen soup”

*You may also get 1 FREE Japanese SAKE (KUNIMARE From Hokkaido 300ml) if you make a reservation for Snow mount Fuji icy hot pot.

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