Fujisoba Ni-hachi NEW Promotion!

Fujisoba Ni-hachi NEW Promotion!


【Yu Sheng ~魚生~ 2018】

  16th Jan - 23rd Feb 2018



Let's have Yu Sheng at Fujisoba for this coming Chinese New Year!

Ingredients; Salmon, White carrot, Red carrot, Purple cabbage, Japanese cucumber, Shredded egg, Seasoned octpus, Seasoned seaweed, Seasoned jelly fish, Orange cubes, Winter melon strips, Crab stick strips, Minced peanuts, Sushi gari, Soba noodles, Tobiko, Chinese crackers and sesame sauce.


You may also enjoy "Hinamatsuri Set" !

1st Feb ~ 31st Mar 2018


Hinamatsuri is a Japanese Girl's festival, is a day to pray for the health and happiness for girls. Hinamatsuri Set come with Chirashi sushi which is vinegar rice with many scattered toppings of seafood and vegetables and Hamguri soba.


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