【New Samurice’s “WA” sweets coming to Wisma Outlet!】

These new products, “Wa-Parfait” sweets have started at Samurice Wisma Outlet!

“Wa-Parfait” is Samurice’s original “WA” sweets, which contains Anko (colourful sweet red bean paste), Yokan (sweet jellied red bean paste), Shira tama (rice cake ball), and vegetable jelly.

During the “Heian” period, people enjoyed colour matching their kimono with the seasons and surroundings. That’s where we got the idea of “Wa-Parfait” from the Japanese’s colour matching and their customs.

You can enjoy the first 3 flavours of “Wa-Parfait”!

“Wa-Parfait” Kyoto Matcha

A classic Matcha taste that uses Matcha from Kyoko Ofuku-en, contains white and green jelly, rice cake ball with sweet red bean paste and brown sugar syrup.

“Wa-Parfait” Fuji Momo

This uniqueness of this “Wa-Parfait” is the matching colours of Wisteria violet and green. Enjoy the fruity fragrance of Peach and the sweet red bean paste.

“Wa-Parfait” Yuzu Ramune

This parfait is coloured bright with white and pale blue-green.

Be surprised by the taste the Yuzu essence with Ramune’s sweet red bean paste.

These sweets are limited menu at Orchard Wisma Outlet.


Shop info : SAMURICE Wisma Outlet

435 Orchard Road, #B1-46 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877