Aburiya@Boat Quay -Special Event of Sake Cooktail-

“Aburiya @ Boat Quay”

Special Event of Sake Cocktail on 9th Aug, National Day!

From 18:00 ~ Last

79 Boat Quay, Singapore, 049867

Tel: +65 6532 0365


Have you tried Sake Cocktail?

If No, must try it!

You can enjoy Sake Cocktail with Fire Works at the riverside of Boat Quay.

We also have Mocktail menus ($5 / glass) for whom can’t drink alcohol.


You can earn points of Japan Point through this Event.

(While in Event, we are not able to accept the vouchers)


- Drink Menu -

Sake Cocktail - A La Carte

$8 per Glass


Sake Bottle (About 15 cocktails can be made)

$60 for Junmaishu and Plum Wine (Umeshu)

$70 for Junmai Ginjo


Original Mocktail - A La Carte

$5 per Glass


Food Menus are also available.

“Aburiya Yukke”, Raw Hokkaido Wagyu Beef, is the best recommend!

You can’t try Yukke in Japan because of the regulation.

It is so tasty, must try!!

“Wagyu Aburi Sushi”, Sushi with Wagyu Beef is also a brand-new Sushi Style.

Both menus are $18.


We are looking forward to seeing all customers enjoy this Special Event!