Notice of preparation for renewal

JAPAN POINT will be renewed in the second half of February March 2019 to be more convenient, beneficial and enjoyable!

[Existing services]

* Save points and exchange them with prizes.

[Major changes in the new service]

* Use the coupons without points!
* Not only app but also in website you can browse and get services of JapanPoint!
* Interesting and useful contents for foodies and food professionals.
* Earning points has never be easier!
* More rewards and ways to use your points!

Service 1. More coupons can be used more easily

* You can use coupons without using points. The coupon at any store can be used once per person every month as long as there are remaining coupons.

* "Voucher" will be renamed to "coupon".

[Terminating service]

* Paper voucher will no longer be available to redeem with new APP.
The last application period: Until 15 February
Final collection period: From 16 to 19 February
Please check its expiration date on the voucher.

* Stores that have issued paper vouchers are scheduled to switch to E-coupon.

Service 2. The number of member shops is increasing

* You can use not only apps, but also browsing on websites and services.

* There will be more outlets where you will be able to use JapanPoint! Please look forward to it!

Service 3. We bring you information about Japanese food.

* A Japanese food information magazine, "JAPAN POINT TIMES", will be published in March 2019. It is useful for professional food businesses with seasonal information of Japanese food and recipes. Of course, Foodies who love Japanese food can enjoy its content too! We distribute it to member shops, so please take a look when you visit! Free of charge! (* Excluding some stores)

* We will also publish their contents on the JAPAN POINT Website.

About point system

How to save points

[Function that will be terminate]

* After renewal, accumulating points by uploading receipt will no longer be necessary.

[New ways of collecting points]

* You can earn points by completing these missions like below:

・ Log-in
・ Visit stores
・ Use coupons
・ Introduce to your friends
More missions will be given after the update.

How to use your points

We plan to offer new rewards and limited discounts with the points.

* Exchange with Japanese food-sample that are not yet available outside of Japan.
* Get discount of whiskey and sake with the points.

Moreover, we plan to introduce special rewards to Ambassador rank members who collects a lot of points.

* Invitation for a limited dinner party
* An air ticket to Japan and invite you to a Japanese-food event.

We wish your continuous usage of JAPAN POINT.